A Quarantined To-Do List for Latinx Heritage Month

A Quarantined To-Do List for Latinx Heritage Month


A Quarantined To-Do List for Latinx Heritage Month

By oneTILT co-founder, Kimberly Díaz

October 5, 2020

To coincide with countries from Nicaragua to Mexico to Brazil celebrating their independence from colonial rule, September 15th — October 15th marks Latinx Heritage Month. This Latinx Heritage Month, I am holding two truths top of heart, body, spirit, and mind:

Let’s celebrate the resiliency of our people, indulge in our food and drink, and enjoy all the virtual Zoom events.

I love our community and miss it so much during quarantine! (What I wouldn’t give to laugh too loudly at a bar drinking mojitos right now….)

For those of us who identify as non-black latinxs, it’s been time to talk about anti-blackness in our community.

Whether you start the conversation at home or in one of our affinity groups — we must call out white supremacy, colorism, and anti-Blackness. We have to do better.

A Quarantined To Do List

Don’t know where to start? I’ve created a list of must-do activities to celebrate our people all while taking steps to dismantle the anti-Blackness that lives in our community. Read on, get inspired, and take action!

– Kimberly Diaz, CEO, oneTILT