We help managers grow in their awareness.

We help managers grow in their awareness.

Impact Philosophy

A bit more about us

At oneTILT, we seek to have a meaningful impact with the people we engage with – where people learn, are challenged, and grow in their inclusive practices. We report and share our impact quantitatively and qualitatively, as a way to actively disrupt white supremacy culture. We focus on storytelling for both individual and community experiences.

We understand that change doesn’t happen overnight and, at the same time, we believe we each have agency to commit to oneTILTs (one tiny inclusive little thing) in our workplaces to make shifts today.

Impact at oneTILT means we:

  • Share stories. Not just numbers.
  • Report organizational and individual learnings, unlearnings and growth.
  • Transparently share examples of failure.

Annual Reports

A bit more about us

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