This is how we got here.

For co-founder Kimberly, oneTILT emerged in response to a need. After thriving as an educator at a charter network founded by a person of color, she found herself at a high profile education nonprofit. In this new workplace she was the only Latina on a team of thirty, with few others from low-income backgrounds like her own. The feedback she got there was clear: “stay quiet and indirect, downplay emotion, and make yourself small.”

She knew this environment was holding her back from the impact she knew she could make.

At the same time, co-founder Andrew Daub was working as a manager at that same nonprofit, realizing the ways in which, as a white man, he had to shift his professional practice. Kimberly was Andrew’s manager at the time, and they were able to come together and talk about workplace inequities. Together they began thinking about how to build a better workplace for ALL.

They wanted to work within the system to make necessary changes in education, nonprofits, school systems and workplaces, but they knew that making a difference didn’t happen overnight, by one person. Instead, they believed in the power of doing one tiny, inclusive, little thing differently each day — and oneTILT was born. Together, Andrew and Kimberly built a professional development program where managers are transformed around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It was vulnerable and powerful. As oneTILT grew, they began to see — tilt by tilt — it worked!

What’s your #oneTILT?