If there’s anything January taught us, it’s BEEN time to do better.

If there’s anything January taught us, it’s BEEN time to do better.

If there’s anything January taught us, it’s BEEN time to do better.

By Kimberly Diaz, CEO, oneTILT

January 29, 2021

From Twitter to Instagram, my feed is flooded by memes and graphics about how January must just be an extension of 2020, culminating in the insurrection on our capital by domestic terrorists.

And while I’ve laughed at dumpster fire meme after dumpster fire meme, the truth is that 2021 and 2020 are just heightened examples of what America has always been.

For me, it’s therapeutic to laugh at these memes and write off 2020 — maybe even January 2021 — as something to get over. But I can’t lose sight of one simple fact: since this nation’s founding, it’s been time to do better. January 2021 has just reinforced this… as will February, March, and so on.

At oneTILT we’re focused on helping leaders #DoBetter in the workplace. We spend ⅓ of our life at work. That’s 90,000 hours. And the truth is, work doesn’t actually work for all of us. As leaders in the workplace, we have the responsibility and opportunity to be more equitable and inclusive every day. And oneTILT is here to help.

This year, we’re refining what’s been working in our practice and launching new tools to help managers across sectors — from tech to education — lead more equitably. Here are a few things we’ve got in store:

  • Continue to nourish and connect education leaders through our tiltForward fellowship. We’ll continue to serve 20+ fellows a year in our fellowship while strengthening our alumni community. Interested in learning more? Uzma’s your girl.
  • Strengthen our program. From refining what works to building up our liberatory design and liberatory consciousness curriculum, client-turned-consultant-turned-Chief Program Officer Nikki is leading this charge.
  • Build even more partnerships with individuals and organizations. From our virtual conferences to our 6–8 month equity audit partnerships, we will continue to bring actionable inclusive management to you and your organization. Interested? Hit up Mahogany, StefKT, and Anya for more information.
  • Make inclusive leadership more accessible by launching TILT! Over 300 of you have requested your free copy of our inclusive leadership competencies, and this year we are officially launching TILT — the inclusive leadership tool. An on-demand self-assessment of your strengths and areas for growth when it comes to your own leadership. Interested in talking more? Hit me up.
  • Redefine “impact”. We always say: “You can’t undo 500 years of oppression with a 90-minute session.” But how do we tell the story of the work we do, and that each of you do every day, in a way that decenters white supremacy? Our newest team member, Chief Impact Officer Kennette, is tackling this important question.
  • Love on our team. In 3 years, we’ve grown from a team of 2 to a full-time team of 9 and 20+ part-time consultants. As we grow, we want to ensure we are providing the best we can to our people — from training to benefits to salaries — so we can be an imperfect model of the future we’re trying to build. Andrew is helping us co-design that future together.

It’s a big year for all of us. If January has taught us anything, it’s a sobering reminder that it’s been time to do better. We’re here to do the work with you.